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Simon Jokuschies - .smart - nuke script management
Luigi Pisciotta - Willy Astor - Die Geschichte von Gista
Simon Jokuschies - Mattepainting Neuseeland
Simon Jokuschies - Church Dunedin
Simon Jokuschies - Portfolio Vanessa Ellingham
Simon Jokuschies - Leafpictures

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pixiliti is the content community on which media students and creatives can publish their projects that have arisen during their studies or freetime. This gives them the the opportunity to present themselves and their projects and to show what they can do. Projects can be published in various categories, which can be evaluated and commented by other users. The best project of each category will be presented on the homepage. Besides, the Hall of Fame shows a collection of the best projects of past months. pixiliti also offers users the opportunity to interact and connect with each other. Take advantage of the opportunity to make known to you and your projects.

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