pixiliti is a content community with social media elements. Media students and creatives from all over the world can publish their projects produced during their study and private, and show what they are doing and what they can. The best project in each category will be presented on the homepage and is therefore seen by many users, which in turn brings more reputation for the author. So it's worth, if you upload good projects. The best 6 projects each month go permanently into the Hall of Fame. Use the shoutbox to draw attention to news and new projects, connect with other users and share knowledge and fun with them.
• 100% free
• Present yourself and your projects
• show others what you can do
• Raise your reputation
• Do business on attention
• All content copyrights remain 100% with you
• Try to reach a place on the homepage
• Try to get into the Hall of Fame
• Get feedback from other users
• Get inspiration by projects from other users
• Get connected with other users
• Share with other users
• decide individually who can see your stuff
Show others what you do and what you can. pixiliti supports you with that.

You can register for free and publish your projects, which can be seen on pixiliti and commented on by other visitors. In addition, you can connect you with other users and exchange information. Publish high quality projects, which you stand behind and you like. If they are liked by others as well, you have a good chance to get a lot of positive reputation and to attention of other users and companies. Use this as an opportunity.

pixiliti grew out of a bachelor thesis by Simon Jokuschies, a student of the media study "Information Technology and Design" at FH Lübeck, Germany. During his study he was unsatisfied with the fact that projects from media students are never issued, and no longer observed after delivery and that there won't be enough value to be estimated. Therefore his bachelor thesis was about the conception, design and production of an own international online content community for media students on which they can publish their projects and show others who they are, what they do and what they can. pixiliti is the result.
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